This light show was definitely one of the highlights of the event - involving 270 Tesla cars, creating a heart-shaped display that symbolized love in the colors of the Austrian flag.


The biggest European Tesla Takeover in the heart of Austria

The Alpine village of Flachau, Austria, was the stage for a groundbreaking event from May 24th to May 26th, 2024. The Tesla Takeover Europe 2024, an initiative by the Tesla Club Austria, Tesla Owners Club Silicon Valley, and with the attandance of various European clubs, united a diverse group of electric vehicle enthusiasts, speakers and innovators.

Against the backdrop of the majestic Alps, this gathering transcended the typical Tesla gathering, transforming into a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and the future of mobility.

A stunning light show

Kicking off with a dazzling light show on May 24th at 10:05 pm, the event set the tone for a weekend packed with excitement and communal joy. This light show was definitely one of the highlights of the event – involving 270 Tesla cars, creating a heart-shaped display that symbolized love in the colors of the Austrian flag. This spectacular event was made possible by Simon Pollock, the creator of XLightshows.io, Tesla Club Austria and John Stringer (Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley) and was hailed as the most emotional light show ever.

This light show was special in one more way – not only was it the most impressive and precise shape formation of Teslas ever, but also it was the biggest surprise for me (the author) from my fiancé Artem who proposed to me at the end of the light show. This was all thanks to the amazing organization and coordination by the Tesla Club Austria, Simon Pollock (Xlightshows.io) and John from the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley who put all their heart and soul into making it possible.

Flachau 2024 | Zdroj: huntinspeed

The aim of the Tesla Takeover Europe 2024

With a goal to bring together up to 1,000 Teslas, the event provided a platform for Tesla owners to come together and celebrate their passion for these awesome cars.

The Tesla Takeover Flachau 2024 was not just about the cars: it was about the community and education as well. The event featured a variety of activities, including performances by DJ X-TREME and Soko Dixie, and a children’s play area with bouncy castles and sandpits. At its core, however, the event was a platform for discussions and learning about sustainable technologies and Tesla’s role in shaping the future of transportation. 

From the interesting workshops, let me name a few from Saturday:

  • “Tesla Lifestyle” Bearded Tesla Guy, Sarah Dotson, Jönohs. Host: John Stringer
  • “What’s up with Giga Berlin?”  Jan Vogel / TeslaFix, Marian Mertes / Tesla Mag YT / Tessi Supply, David Reich / Tesla Welt  
  • “Tesla Unplugged for Racing, Military & Police”. Ben Schaffer / Unplugged Performance. Host: John Stringer / Tesla Owners Silicon Valley. 
  • Rethink Clothing: “Fair und nachhaltig produziertes Takeover Merchandise” 
  • “Will Tesla FSD & Robotics take over?” Lars Strandridder / Best in Tesla, Mario Herger / Technology Researcher. Host: Jan Vogel. 
  • “Tesla Roadtrips von Nordkap bis Südafrika” Alex Bangula, ​Jonas Falk & Nico Pliquett: Host: Robin TV 
  • “Tesla in 5 years” Kristen Netten / K10, Alexandra Merz / Tesla Boomer Mama, Brian White / FutureAZA. Host: Daren Yoong

Sunday themes were:

  • Tuning Workshop with Tesla Moe und CZ Audio (German)
  • “Der perfekte E-Autoreifen”. Michelin 
  • “Tesla Roadster History”. Pete Gruber / Gruber Motors 
  • “S3XY Button Workshop” Enhance Automotive
Flachau 2024 | Zdroj: huntinspeed

The long awaited Cybertruck

Sunday was very special because the Cybertruck made a grand appearance at the Tesla Takeover Europe event in Flachau on the 26th of May. 

The Tesla Cybertruck, an eagerly awaited electric pickup, was a central attraction at the event. Guests were able to get an intimate look at the vehicle, capturing photos and videos of its distinctive design. The Cybertruck’s appearance sparked considerable excitement on social media, with numerous attendees posting about their experiences and sharing their images online.

Flachau 2024 | Zdroj: huntinspeed

An electrifying spark

The Tesla Takeover Europe 2024 in Flachau was a significant event for Tesla owners and Tesla fans not only in Europe, but worldwide – thanks to John Stringer from the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley, USA. The event served as a testament to the power of innovation and community in driving positive change, and a reminder of the growing interest in electric vehicles and sustainable technologies.

As Elon Musk once said, “The future is electric.” The Tesla Takeover Europe 2024 was a shining example of this future.


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